How to sell on K w i k ful

Easy 4 steps to start your products selling

Register and List Your Products

The first step toward selling your products on Kwikful is simple. You must create an account and provide basic information about your business. You will then need to populate your product catalog with your products' names, descriptions, images, and prices. To assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions, it is critical to provide detailed and accurate information.

Start Selling Your Products

You can begin selling your products after completing the registration and listing process. After completing all necessary setup steps, the vendor can launch their store and begin selling their products. Anyone who visits the kwikful website will be able to purchase products. They will also be able to access your Store.

Deliver your Products Everywhere

You don't have to worry about getting your products to your customers because Kwikful has you covered. All of your products will be delivered to your customers by us. When an order is confirmed, it is packed and shipped by Kwikful delivery services. Live tracking updates are provided by our shipping technology which allows the customer to track the status of their order.

Get Payments and Increase your Income

The final step in this process is to receive payments for your products sold! The vendor receives payment for their products, depending on the payment method selected. The vendor may receive payments at regular intervals, such as daily or weekly.

Only Few Fees

All is secured and Transparent

Experience the peace of mind that comes with secure and transparent shopping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I add new products?

Once you have registered as a vendor, you can add new products from the vendors dashboard.

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How Do I Get Paid For My Sales?

The vendor dashboard may be used to check the product inventory. Products on the dashboard may be modified to the sellers' preferences.

How do you ensure the quality pf products sold by vendors?

We have a quality control team that reviews each vendor application and product listing before they are approved for our website.

How do I list my product on your website?

Once you’ve been approved as a vendor, you can log into your account and create product listings through our vendor dashboard